Dance Club

So, I posted a bit earlier about the dance club I joined, so here's more::

Since Waseda-sai, I'd been going to practice every Wed. and Fri. night. Sometimes we had a lesson from one of the teachers, but mostly we just warmed up by ourselves and had rehearsals.

There were also two weekend workshops, one in November and one in December. These were both at a place in Shinjuku called the National Youth Olympic Center. We practiced all day Saturday, stayed the night, then got up early and practiced all day Sunday.

The first workshop, we all ate dinner together at this Indian curry place. It was quite delicious, especially the garlic naan I got. There wasn't much time though, so it was hard to go back to practicing with such a full stomach :P
That night I went to the public bath for the first time. I wasn't planning on it, but I guess showers weren't open in the morning. It was an interesting experience haha and the bath water is really hot!
After everyone was clean we went to the store for supplies (drinks and snacks and ice cream). We did rock, paper, scissors to see which room we would chill in, and i lost :( Two other guys that some people knew were also there at the same time, so they came to hang out that night. They were Waseda graduate students, and one of them used to be in the club. They were talking about some party they were going to the next day to one of my friends, and she was upset she couldn't go, but I thought he was only talking to her so I wasn't really paying attention.
As you can imagine, though, there wasn't much sleeping going on. I got maybe 3 hours...
The next morning we got up early, had breakfast together, and then did a ballet barre. Rehearsals started again.
Before dinner time, the schedule changed a bit and we started rehearsing a piece that we did in Waseda-sai. And the facing was changed to have the corner as front, and also our positions were switched around a bit. Then we all headed out to another part of the building. I was pretty confused as to what was going on, until we showed up at a party and the guys from last night were there. Then I finally realized that we were performing at this party! It was pretty cool though, because then we got free dinner :D The party was for graduate students and professors from abroad doing research at Waseda.

The whiteboard got hijacked.

The second one went much the same way. This time we had Chinese food for dinner and it was really good...
Also, on this Sunday, we got up about 6:30 and played this game kind of like tag. We got partners to run with, and the 3 boys were all "it." You had to run away with your partner and hide and you could go pretty much anywhere on the grounds. I'm not so much of a runner, especially so early, and neither is my partner Mighty, so we got caught pretty early haha. It was pretty fun though to get up with everyone and run to start the day.

Finally, what we had been rehearsing for was the annual show on December 24! We only had one showing, but I think it went really well~ My host family came, and also Mom and Jerry and Travis, and two of my friends from Waseda also.

Setting up the stage.

This sign stood outside the door. It has the name of the show and times and things like that.

-closed curtain

After the show.

I should be getting the DVD next week :D