Fashion Show~

A few months ago, Holly and I came up with the idea to have a fashion show with the students.
We had 4 student models participate in "Togaku's Next Top Model"

We organized the whole thing, including finding students to be models, having a rehearsal, decorating the room, buying/making prizes, inviting people to watch, and even modeling ourselves!

Do you like our runway?

We all brought our own outfits to show and then discussed them after walking (in English, of course).

One of the professors jumped in at the last minute in her Native American dress, because she had just come from a presentation and was all dressed up!

This is Mr. Cool, our winner, in all American brands-

We all came out again at the end, Project Runway style.

The boy at the bottom was wearing Sky Tree glasses, so this is his Sky Tree pose-

All the models together; the 2 with sashes are 1st and 2nd place. Holly and I made the sashes and the crowns out of stuff from the 100yen store, and they ended up being quite awesome! Also 1st got a gift card to H&M and 2nd one to Baskin Robbins, and the other 2 got candy and flowers.
So the fashion show was actually quite a success and we got many compliments from faculty because we did it all ourselves. It was pretty fun, even though getting students to commit and show up was much more difficult than I had anticipated. But, the 4 that did participate did an wonderful job and, the best part for me, they all seemed a little bit more confident after it was over.

We'll see if I have the motivation next semester to organize another lounge event~



Today, I got to dance R&B style with the hip-hop dance club at Togaku, Extreme Steppers, at a Christmas party. Holly took a video for me so here it is!

I'm the one in the middle with gold on my jacket and short hair.