China Town

Hello~ Today's trip was to Yokohama (a different part from where I live).

They have a China Town there, but it's much nicer than China Towns that I'm used to. The architecture on this temple was really something.

A light post-

These are people's wishes I think.

After that we hiked up this super steep hill in 33 degree weather. But I think the view was worth it; what do you think?

GIANT cruise ships-

A park on top of the hill.

When it turned dark, I walked down near those cruise ships. There's a big long port there with a ferris wheel, so I kind of felt like I was in Chicago walking along Lake Michigan. It's really pretty in Yokohama.


Yesterday was the entrance ceremony for SILS school in Waseda. I went with my host mom (she really likes kimono a lot).

Also, for those who know, I found Beard Papa's!

It's right outside Shibuya station and it smelled soooo good.



The first week of my study is over and I have officially moved in with my host family~

They are the Takemuras, two parents and a younger brother, Ken. My room is quite big with lots of storage space (I don't have enough stuff to fill it haha). The house is in Yokohama, so it's a bit far to school but at least I'm near Kei who I met at orientation. They are very fun and nice so far so I'm excited but still a bit nervous :)

my room (everything not fully put away yet)

out the window


first day

I made it safely to Japan! Here are some pictures from my first day here.

My first meal at the airport: salmon onigiri

Today's lunch was yakitori at this small restaurant run by a nice man. He set up the room in the back for us which had tatami and you sat on the floor. He kept brining out more and more food!

This is the Waseda shrine. I just went to look so I don't know much about it, but it was nice there.

In the afternoon my group was taken to Roppongi to shop at a place called Don Quijote that had 6 floors and anything you'd ever want to buy. This is some weird statue near there. This building is Mori Tower that has lots of businesses, and then in the back there is a place that is like Water Tower Place. Kuri-senpai bought us all these chocolate lollipops from a small stand inside there. You could also see Tokyo Tower from Mori Tower and it was all lit up at night.

That's it for now...I have to be ready by 8 to go to Harajuku--


last day of summer

Hello everyone!

My plane leaves in 8 hours and I am still finishing packing. I will try to update this w/ pictures about once a week.

Goodbye, USA!