Tokyo Sky Tree

Back in November, I visited the newly opened, tallest tower in the world, Tokyo Sky Tree. Last time when we were all staying in Asakusa we could see it being built, and it was completed spring last year. It's 634 meters tall (The Sears Tower is 527m)!

up on the observation deck

The wait to get in was horrendous, but luckily you don't have to stand in line the whole time. There is whole Sky Tree Town to wander around in while you wait. There are shops, restaurants, mini-museums, showrooms for things like 3D TVs and Kinect, mini-art project exhibitions, a theater about how the tower was built...all kinds of stuff. One shop had a whole set of unique sock monkeys :P

This video played above the line for tickets. It's a cartoon map of the city and every once in a while it switches to show trivia about history and traditional Japanese things. I enjoyed watching it actually-

There is a glass floor you can stand on!
Unfortunately it was cloudy when I got up there, but you could still see so far! The city is really beautiful at night.
the Sumida River, looking towards Asakusa

There was a great International Beer Museum restaurant there that we went to after. There were about 5 different bars, each themed for a different country. The menu had the beers ranked and also the food labeled from each country to match with the beer.