I want to show you the little art project I did - custom framing for 3 robots that we picked up at the EMP museum in Seattle.
Framing can get very expensive, so first stop was IKEA. We got 3 of these metal frames, and taped them up.
The robots are silver, blue, and yellow with red accents. So since the frames were already silver, only 2 needed paint. We got metal spray paint and covered them outside. There weren't too many color choices at the craft store, so thankfully the yellow was pretty close to the robot color.
After letting them dry for a day (just to be sure) I removed the tape. For the background we chose a deep red paper. That paper and the robots themselves I measured and cut using the paper cutter at work. The hardest part was making sure they didn't get folded in the crowded train afterwards!
After double sided taping the red paper to the back and inserting, it was time to hang! They are now brightening up the kitchen :D