Coco Farm Wine Festival

I ventured outside Tokyo last weekend into Tochigi for a wine festival, and it was a blast!

It was in Ashikaga, about an hour away on the train and then a shuttle out to the winery. When we arrived we got these handy little packages that sling around your neck, containing utensils, a wine glass, and a bottle opener. And got to keep it all for drinking more at home :) Then we each picked up a bottle of wine and some snackage.

The winery is up near the mountains running through the center of Japan, so it was on a huge hill. Climbing was a bit tricky, but there was a nice view once we settled down. Plus, the weather was spectacular; I was in short-sleeves all day!

You can't really see, but the whole hill was totally occupied by wine-drinkers.

This is the main building, for the festival at least. They were selling wine to take home, snacks, and there were many bands playing all throughout the day. There were acapella singers, jazz, acoustic, latin bands and even some flamenco dancers.

Mathilda and Marnie, and all of us, enjoyed a relaxing day outside the city. Would so go back next year!