Winter Vacation

Back in December, I took a trip up north to visit some friends. We stayed at her place, and also an onsen hotel! There was lots more snow there up in the mountains than here, so it was pretty fun.

 It was a beautiful drive up there, just about 3 hours from Tokyo.

The city is in a valley, surrounded by these mountains. It makes for beautiful scenery!

We got a shuttle bus to our onsen hotel, which was hidden up in the mountains in a little village in a tiny valley. The place was very nice which Japanese style rooms. This is the courtyard outside with a very nice garden.

Here we are in our room, wearing yukata after a nice warm bath, being served an amazing dinner. There was tea, sashimi, pickles, fish, soup, tempura, all kinds of tasty things!

There was this extremely old cherry tree nearby the hotel at a shrine. It was beautifully lit up at night.

Here I am the next day, all ready to go snow shoeing for the first time!

We were in a great area with lakes of all different shades of blue and green water. Everywhere you looked was an awesome scene to take a picture of!

And before leaving, we stopped at a place called Round 1. They had all kinds of activities there: badminton, arcade games, bowling, tennis, archery, etc. But I was most excited to challenge the bull! It's just as hard as it looks haha

So that was my trip to Fukushima City and its Winter Wonderland. I hope I can get up there once more this winter~