End of the year

Hello there, so I realize I haven't posted in a long time, but some of that time I was visiting all of you! To come back I thought I would post a few pictures of the past year with students and at various events at Togaku.

From the school trip to Kamakura

Back from the Togaku School Festival in the English for Children Room
Some of the dancers

We dressed up for the Christmas Party :)

On the second field trip to Asakusa...
...where we had lunch on a boat...

...and sang karaoke! Holly and I doing our world-famous "Barbie Girl."

My team from the school softball tournament.

We did watermelon-smashing at the Tanabata event. I got it!

At our going-away party at Shara, an amazing little Italian place right by campus. We received lots of gifts and sweet notes from everyone

Teachers and faculty who came to our party, and many of my friends!

It was a good year :D I'm glad I still can see these people, and have actually last weekend when I went to this year's school festival. I'm also having fun hanging with the two new interns~

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