Kasai Rinkai Park

Back in January on a particularly nice day, Marnie and I took a bike ride over to Kasai Rinkai Park in Tokyo. It's about 1 hour to ride, mostly on a trail next to rivers and Tokyo Bay, so pretty relaxed. It's a huge park right on the water with an aquarium, ferris wheel, food stalls, flower garden, and lots of open space.

We stopped by the for the aquarium which had some really good tanks set-ups.
 Open top tank
 All anemone tank
 Great colors

 HUGE grouper

 Mirrors on top of the tanks
Round jellyfish tank

Afterwards, we went to a great little Mexican place nearby with awesome burritos and flautas, yum! Now that it's warmer, I hope to take more bike rides!

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  1. The colors are absolutely amazing! Great photos! :)